Consolidated marks statement by VTU

Companies like cognizant accept consolidated marks statement of all semesters instead if you don’t have all semesters individual marks cards.

So here is how to get it.

Step-1: Visit VTU website -> Examinations -> Online Fee Payment -> PayUmoney

Or directly visit by clicking here

Step-2: Go to 5th row in 2nd table that states “Issue of CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF MARKS CARD and download application form from 3rd column.

Step-3: Make payment by visiting VTU transcript payment portal

Fill in details:

Type of fee Remitted: 5th option,Issue of consolidated marks card of all semester need to be selected.

Amount of Fee: 1000rs

And you will get payment confirmation in next screen and a email copy of pay receipt. Note down payment ID and take print of it.

Step-4: Fill in the details of application form like name, USN, first attempt total of individual semester marks, payment ID etc.,

Step-5: Submit filled application, self attested marks card of all semesters, payment slip copy at VTU Belgaum office. You can also post(write your present adress properly in application form) @

The Registrar(Evaluation) 
Visvesvaraya Technological University
“Jnana Sangama”
Belagavi : 590018
Karnataka, India.

That’s it,

Now you can expect the transcript in 1 day if applied in person at Belgaum and in 8(usual) – 20(officially) days if applied through post.


  • There are 2 kinds of consolidated marks card:
  1. Only for 1 semester (any individual semester from 1 to 7, 8th semester consolidated comes by default)
  2. Consolidated statement for all semesters(1 to 8).

Consolidated marks card means : Total attempts marks are combined in a single marks card.


Extract marks card of VTU

Hey, guys
Many will be in need of original 8th semester marks card, but if the respective college has not provided it yet,
Then alternative is to get extract copy of it from our university….
What is an extract copy means :

In a A4 sized plain white sheet they will print the usual VTU header, name, USN, college name, details of marks scored, result, etc.

Background will have VTU logo.

It will be signed by hand by Registrar (evaluation) – the same guy whose printed signature is seen on every original marks cards, pdc, transcript, etc. His seal will also be put under the signature.

It’s equal to original marks card, except printed in black ink on a plain paper and without lamination. VTU has assured that it has got the same value and authenticity as the original marks card. Any institution seeking original marks card will accept the “extract”

Below is how to get it…
You have to go to university office, Bangalore(2) or Belgaum(1) and apply their…
(2) Visvesvaraya Technological University Regional Center Bengaluru
1st Main Road, RHCS Layout, Annapoorneshwari Nagar, Nagarbhavi, Annapoorneshwari Nagar, Sunkadakatte, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560091
(1) Jnana Sangama, Machhe, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Machhe, Belgaum, Karnataka 590018 Location of Belgaum VTU
Step-1 : Application fee Rs.250 to be paid online in university website by clicking below.

Pay fees for 8th semester extract marks card

Step-2 : Write a letter to registrar-VTU seeking extract copy. The format of the same can be as below. This letter format is just for your reference. You can write letter in your own style. application Extract of 8th

That’s it.

  • In Belgaum they will give the transcript(extract) to you on the same day of application
  • In Bangalore, processing takes 7-10 days, so apply properly, early : if u want on time.
Below are the frequently asked Question(Q) and Answer(A) .
Q: What to select for  “Type of Remitted”
A : 13th option : Issue of extract marks card
Q: “Date of remittance” means?
A: Date on which u make payment…
     Ex:- If u pay now, then today’s date.
Q: Who can apply for it?
A: Any course(B.E.) completed


When to write a blog?

What is a blog

I’m writing this because of request from many of my friends.

Well I’m a blogger since my high school days.

So I’m giving this thought of mine from my experiences,

there is nothing great in being a blogger, but the thing is time is precious for all the great people,

You are writing blog means, you are letting out your thoughts, emotions, to be shared by someone else.


Use blog to take world towards a good direction,

Earlier people used to write things in editorial columns, poems, stories; about their view points,

But now the things have changed,

people like straight forwardness,we are living in e-world  today, people like easy accessible things,

So their stoodup the concept of blog…

Use it when you reach a saturated level and you are sure that your writings are ethically true and can make the world better.